1.10 and the Palladin / Priest Debacle

So I’ve switched from Lothar (PvE) to Tichondrius (PvP) and I’m already noticing a huge difference in my playing methods.

First off I’m playing a Dwarf Palladin now, which was a bad choice considering Human Pallies get better racial bonuses. But whatever it was a nice change from being tall and being able to actually see things.

Anyway the biggest difference is that I’m having to deal with PvP now. PvE servers are siginificantly easier than PvP servers when it comes to questing, moreso when soloing, which is all I do considering I’m on small guilds in both servers.

Palladins are not great for soloing. They’re not the worst, but they’ve got serious issues when it comes to DPS on most builds. You’ve basically got to choose how you’re going to play your Palladin: Grouped (which means you’re in a support capacity the whole time) or Solo (which means you’re going to need the DPS build).

Now, there’s really only one viable DPS build, which is Retribution Spec, unsurprisingly. And while that’s nice for PvP and acceptable for PvE, it’s pretty useless for healing which should be your primary concern (note: concern, not job) in groups.

So my priest is still better for soloing than my Palladin. Not the way it used to be, not by a long shot.

The easiest way to tell what class is best for soloing: Watch the Chinese gold farmers. Whatever they’re playing is best. Currently the solo farmers are playing Rogues. Duo grinders are playing Ice-spec Mages which makes for some pretty spectacular engagements and teamplay and I’d highly recommend watching them work sometime; it’s very impressive.

Okay I had a point but I lost it so I’m just going to take a small bow.

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