Dec 28 2005

Fuck you too, DHL

Okay, so after the twelve hour drive from Dallas I arrive at my apartment and what do you think is waiting on my doorstep?

A nice little cardboard box worth $400.00.

Damn thing was probably sitting there for the past two or three days. One Xbox 360, free for the taking. Says good things about my neighborhood that it’s still there, though.

Dec 20 2005

Rituals are Death. Change brings Evolution.

Current Mood: Oh shut the fuck up.

So. Yeah. Nothing’s happening.

These are the days I hate. When there’s nothing stimulating my brain, I tend to get dumber than usual. My wife is out of town, which means I have the house to my own for the next few days, and I’m not scheduled for work, so I figured I’d get some serious high-quality World of Warcraft grinding going. Except I can’t seem to work up the interest.

This happens to me sometimes in WoW. I get all crazy about it for a month and then it sits on the back-burners for another month. So I’m not worried about quitting, but let’s just say I’ve gained one level in thirty days, and that sucks.

Been playing a lot of Dragon Quest 8 though, and that’s very awesome so far. Brilliantly paced. Just enough level grinding to get your strategies down and then the dungeons and bosses are just challenging enough to get your adrenaline going. Top notch.

Also, I’ve been playing Nintendogs on the Nintendo DS. Far from my usual fare of videogames, true, but those dogs are so damn cute.

Dec 14 2005

Yeah, so I’m a hypocrite. What’s new about that?

So okay, I went out and bought something and we don’t need to talk about how much I paid for it.

Okay, $267.00 after my discount. Can’t pass that kind of deal up.

See, some jackass came in last night and traded the thing in for cash. Can’t really object to that kind of thing. But now there’s two problems:

  1. The 360 locks up while I’m playing it
  2. I just realized it might be stolen

Now, he did say when he traded it in that it locked up, but the fact that he declined to call Microsoft Tech Support and get his free replacement means either he’s a spoiled rich moron or he stole the damn thing.

For purposes of sleeping at night, I’m assuming he’s an idiot.

Dec 5 2005

You got dat xboss three siddy?

Hot or Not?


Why? Here’s why.

See, now that’s next-gen. Us PC Gamers are quite used to new, spectacular graphics every year or so. We’re used to seeing a monumental jump in graphics and sound technology every five years. We’re also used to dishing out over $900.00 for that kind of technology but that’s not the point here.

The point is, after a while, you can only put so many vertex-shaded per-pixel bump-mapped anti-aliased dongles on a game engine to impress people. After a while we’re going to need a real change in the gaming paradigm to call it “next generation.” And that’s what Nintendo’s giving us.

And hey, you know what else? I feel the same way about the Playstation 3. That’s right I said it and I’m proud. I don’t care what kind of alien technology you’ve harnessed to make the damned pseudo-organic architecture of the mainframe doohicky. All I wanna know is, how new is it? Better graphics? Big whoop. Better sound? Snore. Motherfucking motion-sensing wireless controller? WIN.

Dec 2 2005

Does this happen to everybody?

Okay so I’m just starting my thirties which means I’m at the outer orbits of a spiralling mid-life crisis. I’m comfortable with that and, frankly, I’m looking forward to being amused at what kind of stupid shit I end up doing in the desperate attempt to “regain my youth” or something.

Actually I’ve already started something. My friend Josh and I are in a metal band.

Josh plays drums. He’s worse off than I because he’s like 33 or something so he’s even closer to the crushing gravitational force of his mid-life crisis. Although he used to play for a Death Metal band named Crawl so he’s got more of an excuse for doing this than I do. In that he used to do it professionally.

I’m playing guitar. I’m okay. I’m better than our other guitarist, Chris, but not by much. Speaking of Chris…

Here’s my puzzle: We only get together for four hours every week, on Thursday nights. That’ll change soon, I hope, but it’s not much time to get things done. However, half of that time is wasted while Chris fiddles away on his guitar without a goal, which then gets the rest of us distracted as well. Actually most of the time we spend yelling over him, but sometimes we get pulled into this kind of musical masturbation. We just sit there and noodle away.

To make matters worse, our singer decided to go get dinner tonight only an hour and a half after we started. And our bass player rides with him, so there goes practice.

Now Josh is (and I am, to a lesser degree), tired of this. We both want to get things done so we can at least start playing live, or even better cut some tracks at a real studio.

So I’m curious. If you’re in a band, has this happened to you?