Jan 21 2006

World of Warcraft

So I figured I oughta mention who I’m playing and where.

My main used to be on Lothar, a lvl46 NE Shadow Priest named Liang. However, I’ve moved to another server, it looks like.

Now I’m playing on Tichondrious with most of my rl friends from New Orleans. I’m playing a Dwarf Paladin named Brannigan and I’m leaving out his level here ’cause I’m powering him up around two a day.

I’ve also got a low-level Orc Hunter named Emok on Mal’Ganis and a lvl31 Human Pally on Stormreaver named Morilyon or something. I don’t see much of them anymore.

Feel free to mention who you are if you’re on any of these servers.

Jan 2 2006


Okay so I guess there’s not many ways 2006 could possibly suck more than 2005. Unless we have another damned hurricane or something.

Got one of these. It’s cute but I’ll bet even money that company’s gonna run out of business in ten years or less.

The new year’s celebrations in World of Warcraft were cute but I missed almost all of them since my parents are in town. They brought one of their cats with them so Minh’s enjoying a nice few days of no breathing.

Also I’m like this close to quitting my job. Sometimes, actually most of the time it feels like getting anything constructive done is impossible.