Apr 28 2006

Me, Live and in person.

So evidently we had someone taking pictures of us at our first concert. This is the one that came out the least ass-tastic. I’ve been warned ahead of time that this guy will be at our next concert, which is good news. Maybe.

We had someone else taking shots on a very slow camera, which had mixed results. While on one hand it did capture all the stage lighting and movement and such, it did so by capturing orange and blue blurry forms. I won’t bother you with those.

Apr 28 2006

Good Joke vs. Bad Taste

So this happened. I’m going to try and figure out, right now, how I feel about it. Too Long; Didn’t Read: Some people crashed a funeral service in World of Warcraft. Also, they filmed it.

Myself, I respect roleplayers in MMOs, and I’d certainly consider the thought of disturbing their thing would be beyond rude. Yes, even on Tichondrius, which is a PvP server and not an RP-PvP server.

So of course, while I wouldn’t have participated in the events as described above, I wouldn’t have crashed their party, because I’d walk by and think, “oh, there’s some roleplayers. Best leave them be.”

Except that wasn’t roleplaying. Know why? Because there were Horde and Alliance alike at that funeral. It wasn’t roleplaying because people stopped playing their roles to show respect to someone outside the role they played. That was a funeral service in a game to show respect to a person who died in real life. That’s not roleplaying, that’s using a game for your own personal agenda, however respectable that agenda was.

Notice what I just wrote: using a game.

When other people decide to play that game in a way that disrupts what you’re doing, you suck it up. Because it’s a game and when other people don’t respect your decision to transform it for your own personal feelings, you need to suck it up. Or at the very least have a God damn sense of humor about it.

When you choose to invest that much emotion into an event it’s your concious choice. No reasonable person can possibly expect everyone on that server to treat it with the same gravity. Sure Serenity Now is a giant bunch of assholes for pwning the shit out of that funeral, but they’re no more a bunch of assholes than anyone else who raids Ironforge or ganks the crap out of every lowbie in Nesingway’s Expedition. Because when you get down to it, it’s still only a game, no matter how hard you believe otherwise, no matter how loudly you try to convince everyone else.
When people stop playing the game the way you think it should be played, take your ball and go home.

Apr 25 2006

Why the hell am I still in this room?

It’s amazing to me how quickly I’ve become incredibly bored in school. Right now I’m writing this while in class, during lecture. Could be taking notes, but I’m not. Why? Because I’m bored. Not much happening in this class right now and as “entertaining” (emphasis on the quotes) as my professor is, this material still feels like High School and every time we hit another chapter it’s Deja Vu all over again.

I’ll say this, I’ve got some amusingly silly classmates. Somehow we’ve gotten onto birth control or something and rate of pregnancy. And I’ve got to admire how my teacher manages to get everyone back on track after one of those ten-minute long shouting sessions where everybody gets excited about something and starts yelling out whatever pops into their heads.

And honestly, the only thing about world overpopulation that interests me is the gigantic divide between the rich minority and the poor majority.

Apr 22 2006

zOMG It’s not crap!

So I managed to finally finish up another Silent Hill 2 cover song, this time it’s Theme of Laura, or probably Laura’s Theme if the title was better translated. I’ve always suspected something about the translation crew over at that studio.

Anyway, it’s a kind of bluesy rock thing but I couldn’t keep myself from metaling up a few parts here and there, and the Satriani in me forced me into doing a few harmonic bar dips. But hey, whatcha gonna do?

There’s still a few mix problems with the rhythm guitars that I have to drag out with EQ probably, but frankly if I spend much more time with it, I’ll get bored with it.

I was going to just sit on it but then I remembered Mischa wanted to hear some of what I’m working on, so I kinda picked this one at random.

Oh, you wanna hear it? Okay, here it go.

Apr 20 2006

Suddenly we’re in first gear again.

Well after a little bit of stalling, Terranigma is finally starting to take off again. We’ve booked another show in Chattanooga, TN sometime around May 7th by all appearances. In addition we’ve also started working out a demo deal with a local studio so hopefully I’ll have stuff from the band available soon.

In the meantime I’ve been working on a number of personal projects including covering a few Akira Yamaoka songs from the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack. As soon as I can figure out a good file hosting method I’ll post ’em.