May 15 2006

The cost of Chattanooga

Yeah, so, we played this gig in Chattanooga. What a wild ride. The “venue” (read: bar) we were going to play at didn’t know we were coming (blame their web geek), so the rest of the bands decided to go play at a local skate park’s pagoda. Turns out that pagoda was more like a hollowed-out warehouse with no lights. And it also turns out that we were there illegally…

So we start setting up inside the pagoda somewhere around 8:00 P.M. We’re just inside, the organizer, Big Ted, has decided to have the crowd stand outside, a move I suspect made to minimize the appearance of tresspassing or something. This wasn’t a bad idea except it was threatening to rain and I have 200 watts running through my cabinet. Keep in mind there’s no light at all, save for the very directional light provided by several cars parked, with their lights on, pointed in our direction. We managed to set up and play through our gig (only we pooch-screwed one song but that’s okay). We start packing up for the two hour ride home around 10:00 P.M. while Aiden’s Fall starts setting up. They start up what sounds like an incredible song but when they stop about two minutes in we all run over to see what the problem is.

Seems one of the guitarists from Aiden’s Fall dislocated his knee during their first song. Now, we’re in the middle of the industrial district so there’s no chance of an ambulance getting here any time soon, and while there isn’t any booze or drugs handy, we’re still a little unsure of our legal right to be there, so Aiden’s Fall tosses their man into the back of a Toyota Matrix and takes off.

There was one band left to play, but we were so tired and giddy from all the near-catastrophes we just drove off. I was hoping they did well, but even the boost from two Full Throttle Furys in a row couldn’t reliably keep me up at that point.

Anyway, good fun. The crowd was great; devoting themselves to what I can safely say is our first mosh pit. Looking back, it was a crazy kind of fun, but as far as how much of a trial it was, well, whatever. It’s what they call “paying your dues,” as I understand it.