Dec 3 2006

Oh Terranigma, I wish I could quit you.

See here’s what I don’t get: I really like playing music. But I truly couldn’t give a rat’s ass about playing live. At least I don’t think I can. Here’s the rub: I really do care about who enjoys our music; and it really bugs me when we play live and the crowd doesn’t seem to respond to it.

Take tonight’s show. We played last, which is normally good because the crowd was good and warmed up. But the band that played before us was really quite excellent, better than us, easily, and so the place was pretty much cleaned out by the time we got on stage. There was only about two dozen people left, most of which were members of the other bands. And the reception was, on the whole, lukewarm.

Now I’ve been writing for this band with the crowd in mind; tempo changes, big breakdowns, lots of that kind of stuff. You gotta play that music live. But if I’d rather stay at home and watch TV than play live, what am I doing in this band?

Now, I’ve got stuff I’ve been working on that I really like. And even if I started another band, all studio, that never really played live, and just wrote songs for the joy of writing them (I guess), then what would be the point of doing it at all, if nobody would hear it?