Oct 8 2007

The State of the ‘Nigma

So I “quit” Terranigma.

I put the word “quit” in quotations ’cause that’s not really what I did. To be really descriptive about it, I just told the ‘Nigma guys what I’ve been telling them all along: I don’t like gigging, I far prefer writing, and if I’m going to move to Houston in the middle of next year, they might as well have me around now to train up a replacement guitarist.

We’ve had some problems finding that replacement guitarist, but everything else is going well; the band’s still writing. I’m still working closely with them, yet I’m free to write whatever I want without constraints (in reference to the number of strings allowed, for example).

The band as a whole has taken a formal break from gigging because Charlie, our lead singer, is trying out for an incredibly famous hardcore band whose name I can’t mention here for legal reasons. But we’re all hoping he gets the job.

We were worried about what to do without him, as he is a central member of the ‘Nigma, to say the least, but we found a replacement pretty quick.

Carl, of the now-defunct Locust Grove, is the definite article. Anybody who can impress Charlie is impressive. This guy can actually belt out a 15 second-long scream. Seriously count out 15 seconds; that’s a stupid long time.

In the meantime, I’ve spent a lot of my time teaching myself how to produce. It’s interesting to see what quantity and quality of work you can do on an incredibly limited budget like mine.