Feb 15 2008

World of Warcraft from the Other Side of the Fence

I realized that I wasn’t getting the biggest thrill out of Warcrack when I realized that my parents, who play the game twice a week, on average, and get comparatively little done during those times, were far ahead of the character I’d made specifically to play with theirs.

I’ve been playing Hellgate: London almost exclusively (more on that later I suspect) and WoW just hasn’t been getting much affection from me. When you raise a half-dozen characters past level 40, and at least two past that, it gets hard to do those same quests over and over again.

So, for a lark, I made a Horde character.

I have to say, we Alliance have been getting the short end of the stick.

Horde quests are more difficult, sure. They have a lot more of what could be called “running around” to do, because many of their early questing zones are quite large and spread out. That being said, their quests are also simply more interesting. They have better plot lines, better writing, better looking zones. The difference is quite astonishing.

I’m not so skeptical now when some players troll about how the Horde is favored by Blizzard’s game designers. They really are. But at least I get to enjoy that favoritism. This is quite entertaining.

I suppose it also helps that I’m playing two classes I have no prior experience with: a Shaman and a Druid…

Also: starting new characters without a wealthy main to support them is quite refreshingly new. Refreshing in the respect that it’s a pain in my ass.