Mar 11 2009


Being on the bleeding-edge of gadgetry is not a job requirement in any job I’m qualified to perform. So I can afford to spend my money on other things and enjoy a comfortable level of schattenfreude when I see people complaining about the price of new electronics.

I also have the priviledge to recoil in surprise at the directions to which technology is drifting. The militant miniaturization of electronics is inevitable considering the ever-shrinking size of semiconductors, but when your iPod shuffle is significantly smaller than your thumb, I start to wonder about the drawbacks of teeny-tiny things and such. I have personally lost two USB flash drives because they were too petite to track. I suspect that they fell between a pair of atoms in my floor. Cellphones were rapidly approaching the size appropriate to this quantum miracle but recent keyboard integration seems to have swung them back around to at least reasonable size, provided your hands are those that would belong to a Malasian child laborer.

And as though that weren’t enough, certain specific geniuses at this year’s TED have created a poorly-named “Sixth Sense” device that accumulates meta-data and works with a webcam and projector to display that data in what could only be called a brilliant presentation. I’m not sure what practical purpose it might serve if and when it became available, but I can’t see any limit to such a device’s use in nearly every facet of my life, professional or otherwise.

Mar 3 2009

Did you just hear something?

People tell me that the Wrath of the Lich King expansion came out, and I believe them, but only because I somehow gained 10 levels really quickly. It’s not like I was trying.

People tell me that’s because Paladins are grossly overpowered now. For all I know they could be right, but the only thing I can definitively say is that my Death Knight is hacking, slashing, burning and ripping through everything that’s foolish enough to jump in front of him and all without a whole lot of effort on my part. At least my Paladin had to heal himself every so often. And I love my Death Knight, if for no other reason than because I can beat up four same-level mobs at the same time and do it all again with only as much downtime as it takes to apply a bandage.

People tell me that Wrath of the Lich King has tons of new content, and I believe them, if only because I have this memory of doing a quest about the Drakkensryd that was so hilariously metal that I was quite surprised at the lack of a blazing Dragonforce soundtrack during that quest.

But after so brief a period of supposedly playing a retail expansion, I’m bored with this game again. Good thing I’ve got my Horde Death Knight to fiddle with.