Dec 25 2009

Neverdied earned the [Iron Ass] achievement

Good thing for this guy, there is no achievement for having no achievements.

Neverdied LVL 80 Mage, MLG Orlando, Blue posts

“Neverdied” here made it to level 80 without completing any quests, dungeons, groups or anything else, for that matter.  The only achievements he got were the ones you get for gaining levels.  Additionally, as befitting his name, he never died, not even once.

This sort of reminds me about the way communities “modify” games to entertain themselves beyond the way the game was originally designed.  For example, in Diablo 2, players created a “hardcore” mode where, if their character died, they deleted the character and started over.  Or “Ironman” mode, where they were never allowed to buy or sell anything at a vendor.

As impressive as this character is, I have to seriously wonder about the amount of time and effort it required.  Being kind, one could say that it’s an amazing display of willpower and concentration, I suppose.  It’s also a huge waste of time, I think.