Sep 23 2010

Things went better than expected

I sat down today to start checking in a new box of hard drives when I realized I’d not yet managed to finish the auto-fill functions on my new asset tracking database application. I checked some stuff in by hand, but it took forever, so I decided to sit down and beat on the damn application until I could get it working properly.

To my complete amazement, it only took five minutes, if that. It’s nice that I can still surprise myself every so often.

Sep 13 2010

The Perfect Game

I suck at Starcraft 2. I suck so completely hard.  It’s truly earth-shattering how poor I am at this game.

But I love to watch it. Yes, it’s the biggest SC2 competition in history, offering the largest cash prize in history, and the first in South Korea that’s actually sponsored by Blizzard. And having every game commented by Artosis and Tasteless makes it even better.

I’d also like to send out a message to the other SC2 fans who won’t read this because my blog never gets any hits:  Pay for the season pass.  Do it.  Sure, you can get the second and third matches of every round by using a JavaScript command in your title bar, but part of what makes subscribing to GomTV so critical is that it shows potential American companies that these events can make a lot of money for their sponsors.

Basically: if you like StarCraft and StarCraft 2, buy a season pass. It’s only $20.  And if you don’t like SC2, why are you watching these streams in the first place?