Does this happen to everybody?

Okay so I’m just starting my thirties which means I’m at the outer orbits of a spiralling mid-life crisis. I’m comfortable with that and, frankly, I’m looking forward to being amused at what kind of stupid shit I end up doing in the desperate attempt to “regain my youth” or something.

Actually I’ve already started something. My friend Josh and I are in a metal band.

Josh plays drums. He’s worse off than I because he’s like 33 or something so he’s even closer to the crushing gravitational force of his mid-life crisis. Although he used to play for a Death Metal band named Crawl so he’s got more of an excuse for doing this than I do. In that he used to do it professionally.

I’m playing guitar. I’m okay. I’m better than our other guitarist, Chris, but not by much. Speaking of Chris…

Here’s my puzzle: We only get together for four hours every week, on Thursday nights. That’ll change soon, I hope, but it’s not much time to get things done. However, half of that time is wasted while Chris fiddles away on his guitar without a goal, which then gets the rest of us distracted as well. Actually most of the time we spend yelling over him, but sometimes we get pulled into this kind of musical masturbation. We just sit there and noodle away.

To make matters worse, our singer decided to go get dinner tonight only an hour and a half after we started. And our bass player rides with him, so there goes practice.

Now Josh is (and I am, to a lesser degree), tired of this. We both want to get things done so we can at least start playing live, or even better cut some tracks at a real studio.

So I’m curious. If you’re in a band, has this happened to you?

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