Rituals are Death. Change brings Evolution.

Current Mood: Oh shut the fuck up.

So. Yeah. Nothing’s happening.

These are the days I hate. When there’s nothing stimulating my brain, I tend to get dumber than usual. My wife is out of town, which means I have the house to my own for the next few days, and I’m not scheduled for work, so I figured I’d get some serious high-quality World of Warcraft grinding going. Except I can’t seem to work up the interest.

This happens to me sometimes in WoW. I get all crazy about it for a month and then it sits on the back-burners for another month. So I’m not worried about quitting, but let’s just say I’ve gained one level in thirty days, and that sucks.

Been playing a lot of Dragon Quest 8 though, and that’s very awesome so far. Brilliantly paced. Just enough level grinding to get your strategies down and then the dungeons and bosses are just challenging enough to get your adrenaline going. Top notch.

Also, I’ve been playing Nintendogs on the Nintendo DS. Far from my usual fare of videogames, true, but those dogs are so damn cute.

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