Jul 10 2014

The 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermons 25-36

I don’t know why I didn’t post this here. I posted it everywhere else. Poor, neglected blog.

May 2 2013

The 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermons 13-24

Apr 26 2013

The 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermons 1-12

If I don’t post these up now, I’ll just keep futzing with them until the heat-death of the universe.

Sep 20 2012

A Meditation on Creation and Divinity

Okay look I’m just talkin’ here:

The entire Elder Scrolls lore revolves around the concept of Creation.

At the lowest levels, we reproduce. That act of creation is not a divine act in the poetic sense, but basic survival instinct. It is the least “powerful” form of creation. Even ants can do this.

At a higher level, we build things. Rocks become Cairns. Trees become Logs become Houses, Bridges, Walls, Weapons. Ore becomes Blades and Armor. But this is just the manipulation of one thing into another. It is not as much Creation as it is Conversion.

So we move to the next level. We create with Magicka. Fire between our hands, ice from our fingers. But again, this is Conversion, though the brush is loaded with the phlogistonic paint of Aetherius.

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Jul 13 2012

Song Get!

I wrote a song on my Guqin.  It’s not the usual style you get out of me, actually I’m not sure what the genre is at all.  It’s about Day[9] and Starcraft 2 and gaming and e-Sports in general.  Anyway Reddit liked it.

I’m working on getting a decent sound out of my new 8-string guitar, and also I’d like to write up a post about the instrument in general, so that’s what’s happening.

In other news, I really hate KORG.  I bought a padKONTROL, which is a great product in theory, but then I discovered two things I didn’t know:

  1. KORG documentation and software is written by morons and shut-ins
  2. Windows 7 is stupid as hell for MIDI

In addition to packaging the padKONTROL, KORG provides you with a disc containing the original drivers and documentation that were written for the device when it was made, back when Windows Vista had just come out.  All the screen shots in the documentation are from Windows XP.  The device drivers are XP compatible only.  And best yet: installing those drivers wrecks your system for the padKONTROL, so instead of upgrading to newer drivers (like normal, smart developers do), you have to mess around in your registry and uninstall every trace that the device ever existed before you download the new drivers from KORG’s website.

KORG doesn’t tell you about that last part, you have to figure that one out for yourself.  Evidently KORG only sells products to Microsoft Certified Solutions Associates.

Once you’ve installed the new drivers you’ll find that the documentation has not been updated.  If it had, it would’ve told you that Windows 7 only allows for ten MIDI channels, which means roughly five unique (unchained) devices.  That’s theoretically not a problem, except that by simply booting your computer you will probably have already added ten MIDI devices to the system.  When you plug in the padKONTROL, or any other MIDI device for that matter, your DAW will not see it.  It will be practically invisible.

KORG doesn’t mention that, either.

Now what you do is you uninstall the padKONTROL and, using the specially designed uninstaller (not the one that triggers off when you uninstall via Programs and Features like a God damn normal person would), also remove several currently existing MIDI device channels from your system.  Then re-install the padKONTROL and everything will be happy rainbows and plug-and-play as KORG would like you to believe.

KORG doesn’t tell you that you should do this, by the way.

I shake my head at such ineptitude.  Not only is it counter-intuitive, it’s downright dangerous to uninstall MIDI channels using an uninstaller produced by a different company.  And nowhere in the device documentation does KORG mention this.  Evidently the entire company is still blissfully unaware that Windows 7 exists.  That or they’ve abandoned the padKONTROL for their far cheaper (both in price and quality) “nano” line of controllers.

Did I ask KORG for this?  No.  KORG has somehow decided that all technical support for KORG devices should be handled by the distributor.  I mean, are they seriously suggesting that a customer should show up at a Guitar Center and ask the jackwagons behind the counter to fix it?

Official lines of support are non-existent at KORG Co.  Their website actually refers you to a fan-produced, privately owned forum for support.  What the fuck kind of abyssal mouth-breather company trusts the support of their product to strangers?  How do they expect to protect their brand?  Did no one at KORG attend business school?  Because they’ve obviously  forgotten the first fucking thing they teach you.

If using the padKONTROL wasn’t nearly as much like having a birthday party for each of my fingers then I’d return it on general principle.  But once you get that over-priced paperweight working… Man, it’s spectacular.