Good Joke vs. Bad Taste

So this happened. I’m going to try and figure out, right now, how I feel about it. Too Long; Didn’t Read: Some people crashed a funeral service in World of Warcraft. Also, they filmed it.

Myself, I respect roleplayers in MMOs, and I’d certainly consider the thought of disturbing their thing would be beyond rude. Yes, even on Tichondrius, which is a PvP server and not an RP-PvP server.

So of course, while I wouldn’t have participated in the events as described above, I wouldn’t have crashed their party, because I’d walk by and think, “oh, there’s some roleplayers. Best leave them be.”

Except that wasn’t roleplaying. Know why? Because there were Horde and Alliance alike at that funeral. It wasn’t roleplaying because people stopped playing their roles to show respect to someone outside the role they played. That was a funeral service in a game to show respect to a person who died in real life. That’s not roleplaying, that’s using a game for your own personal agenda, however respectable that agenda was.

Notice what I just wrote: using a game.

When other people decide to play that game in a way that disrupts what you’re doing, you suck it up. Because it’s a game and when other people don’t respect your decision to transform it for your own personal feelings, you need to suck it up. Or at the very least have a God damn sense of humor about it.

When you choose to invest that much emotion into an event it’s your concious choice. No reasonable person can possibly expect everyone on that server to treat it with the same gravity. Sure Serenity Now is a giant bunch of assholes for pwning the shit out of that funeral, but they’re no more a bunch of assholes than anyone else who raids Ironforge or ganks the crap out of every lowbie in Nesingway’s Expedition. Because when you get down to it, it’s still only a game, no matter how hard you believe otherwise, no matter how loudly you try to convince everyone else.
When people stop playing the game the way you think it should be played, take your ball and go home.

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