I don’t know how this thing works

In Demon’s Souls news, after killing off the Phalanx boss I spent a lot of time wandering around and sort of trying out the first levels of the remaining four worlds, just to see how they fit me.  I got all the way through 2-1 and killed the Armored Spider but I stopped there at Stonefang Tunnel due to lack of nerves.

True to the eternal struggle in Demon’s Souls I managed to earn up enough Souls to buy my Strength up to 22, enough to equip the Purple Flame Shield for some respectable flame resistance.  And considering how much flame damage a person can run into in this game, that was a good thing.  But after I’d finished spending all those souls, I didn’t have enough left to raise my Endurance high enough so that I could still run around with the shield.  Oh sure, I could hold it up, but I couldn’t roll or dodge with it without landing flat on my ass in the attempt.  So it gets to sit on the wayside a little longer, until I can raise some other stats.

It’s funny that I’ve managed to take a magic-based class and somehow the highest stats on the character are Strength and Endurance.  At least Strength isn’t likely to need to go much higher.

And then after all that I happened to check on my World Tendency and noticed that things were looking a tad bright, so I popped back into the start of 1-1 and somehow a gate had opened, an indicator that I’d reached something called Pure White World Tendency, which would take far too long to explain.  In layman’s terms, I’ve accidentally unlocked a part of the game I didn’t expect to get to the first time around.  The reward?  A very tough fight against a named NPC that rewarded me with a lot of Souls and a very decent set of (scary looking) armor.

So it’s possible that I’ve reached the point in Demon’s Souls where the game becomes less of an unforgiving, vicious adversary and becomes merely brutal as hell.  Sort of.  I mean, after all, immediately after I grabbed my new armor reward I accidentally hit the “dodge” button and dodged right off a cliff and into a murky pool of fetid water filled with corpses, where I died instantly.  Still in the Hard Game Club.

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