Lust, Caution

So I’ve finally reached the point with my main where I’ve started to get loot envy. It started when I saw my brother chainsaw his way through mob after mob with his two self-constructed epic swords. I thought: “I should be doing that kind of damage.”

Never mind that I’m playing a hybrid, and that Paladins should never do as much damage as a Fury warrior, even if they do spec pew-pew. In my opinion, the ability to bubble and heal pretty much robs us of truly ferocious damage, and rightfully so.

Really I just want a good purple sword. For the first time in my life I’m feeling that loot envy that drives so many people to grind through dungeons every night.

The only problem is, I’m entirely too casual to dedicate two or three hours to a good, long, and most importantly profitable dungeon crawl. I like being able to play for a half hour at a time and still get things done. And when I sit down for a full night, it’s with my relatives, not with people I barely know.

So for the first time in my life I’m also looking into personal servers, just so that I can experience what Molten Core, AQ and the other big raid-content dungeons are like. Why pay to play a game that I’ll never get to experience in its entirety?

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