Apr 28 2006

Me, Live and in person.

So evidently we had someone taking pictures of us at our first concert. This is the one that came out the least ass-tastic. I’ve been warned ahead of time that this guy will be at our next concert, which is good news. Maybe.

We had someone else taking shots on a very slow camera, which had mixed results. While on one hand it did capture all the stage lighting and movement and such, it did so by capturing orange and blue blurry forms. I won’t bother you with those.

Apr 20 2006

Suddenly we’re in first gear again.

Well after a little bit of stalling, Terranigma is finally starting to take off again. We’ve booked another show in Chattanooga, TN sometime around May 7th by all appearances. In addition we’ve also started working out a demo deal with a local studio so hopefully I’ll have stuff from the band available soon.

In the meantime I’ve been working on a number of personal projects including covering a few Akira Yamaoka songs from the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack. As soon as I can figure out a good file hosting method I’ll post ’em.