Feb 15 2008

World of Warcraft from the Other Side of the Fence

I realized that I wasn’t getting the biggest thrill out of Warcrack when I realized that my parents, who play the game twice a week, on average, and get comparatively little done during those times, were far ahead of the character I’d made specifically to play with theirs.

I’ve been playing Hellgate: London almost exclusively (more on that later I suspect) and WoW just hasn’t been getting much affection from me. When you raise a half-dozen characters past level 40, and at least two past that, it gets hard to do those same quests over and over again.

So, for a lark, I made a Horde character.

I have to say, we Alliance have been getting the short end of the stick.

Horde quests are more difficult, sure. They have a lot more of what could be called “running around” to do, because many of their early questing zones are quite large and spread out. That being said, their quests are also simply more interesting. They have better plot lines, better writing, better looking zones. The difference is quite astonishing.

I’m not so skeptical now when some players troll about how the Horde is favored by Blizzard’s game designers. They really are. But at least I get to enjoy that favoritism. This is quite entertaining.

I suppose it also helps that I’m playing two classes I have no prior experience with: a Shaman and a Druid…

Also: starting new characters without a wealthy main to support them is quite refreshingly new. Refreshing in the respect that it’s a pain in my ass.

Apr 28 2006

Good Joke vs. Bad Taste

So this happened. I’m going to try and figure out, right now, how I feel about it. Too Long; Didn’t Read: Some people crashed a funeral service in World of Warcraft. Also, they filmed it.

Myself, I respect roleplayers in MMOs, and I’d certainly consider the thought of disturbing their thing would be beyond rude. Yes, even on Tichondrius, which is a PvP server and not an RP-PvP server.

So of course, while I wouldn’t have participated in the events as described above, I wouldn’t have crashed their party, because I’d walk by and think, “oh, there’s some roleplayers. Best leave them be.”

Except that wasn’t roleplaying. Know why? Because there were Horde and Alliance alike at that funeral. It wasn’t roleplaying because people stopped playing their roles to show respect to someone outside the role they played. That was a funeral service in a game to show respect to a person who died in real life. That’s not roleplaying, that’s using a game for your own personal agenda, however respectable that agenda was.

Notice what I just wrote: using a game.

When other people decide to play that game in a way that disrupts what you’re doing, you suck it up. Because it’s a game and when other people don’t respect your decision to transform it for your own personal feelings, you need to suck it up. Or at the very least have a God damn sense of humor about it.

When you choose to invest that much emotion into an event it’s your concious choice. No reasonable person can possibly expect everyone on that server to treat it with the same gravity. Sure Serenity Now is a giant bunch of assholes for pwning the shit out of that funeral, but they’re no more a bunch of assholes than anyone else who raids Ironforge or ganks the crap out of every lowbie in Nesingway’s Expedition. Because when you get down to it, it’s still only a game, no matter how hard you believe otherwise, no matter how loudly you try to convince everyone else.
When people stop playing the game the way you think it should be played, take your ball and go home.

Apr 18 2006

1.10 and the Palladin / Priest Debacle

So I’ve switched from Lothar (PvE) to Tichondrius (PvP) and I’m already noticing a huge difference in my playing methods.

First off I’m playing a Dwarf Palladin now, which was a bad choice considering Human Pallies get better racial bonuses. But whatever it was a nice change from being tall and being able to actually see things.

Anyway the biggest difference is that I’m having to deal with PvP now. PvE servers are siginificantly easier than PvP servers when it comes to questing, moreso when soloing, which is all I do considering I’m on small guilds in both servers.

Palladins are not great for soloing. They’re not the worst, but they’ve got serious issues when it comes to DPS on most builds. You’ve basically got to choose how you’re going to play your Palladin: Grouped (which means you’re in a support capacity the whole time) or Solo (which means you’re going to need the DPS build).

Now, there’s really only one viable DPS build, which is Retribution Spec, unsurprisingly. And while that’s nice for PvP and acceptable for PvE, it’s pretty useless for healing which should be your primary concern (note: concern, not job) in groups.

So my priest is still better for soloing than my Palladin. Not the way it used to be, not by a long shot.

The easiest way to tell what class is best for soloing: Watch the Chinese gold farmers. Whatever they’re playing is best. Currently the solo farmers are playing Rogues. Duo grinders are playing Ice-spec Mages which makes for some pretty spectacular engagements and teamplay and I’d highly recommend watching them work sometime; it’s very impressive.

Okay I had a point but I lost it so I’m just going to take a small bow.

Feb 6 2006

Yeah, I’m not satisfied.

I mean, how is that different from any other day of the year?

The band meetings have been sparse recently but that’s no one’s fault, just certain key members have had inventory counts and trips to Boston and stuffs to do. We’ve got a name and an account with a certain other horribly overused blog company, and as a result I expect it’s only a matter of time before we’re all smothered by dreadful emo web algae. At least you need permissions of some kind to post there. That should keep the detritus away.

But it’s the dreadfull mass of averages that I’m working through every day. I mean, I’ve got the Superbowl on TV behind my monitor and it’s pretty much dissolved into turnovers every ten seconds and incompletes punctuated by occasional strokes of luck. Pretty dull stuff, as most Superbowl games are, in my opinion.

So what, I can’t even be entertained by the single biggest testosterone celebration of the year? At least I’m honest enough to admit that I’m not so nerdy that I don’t watch football. It’s a start. But that’s not the problem. The problem is that I’m still not enjoying anything. Not even with the aid of pharmaceuticals. Granted I’m still not taking them all too reliably but I’m certain I should’ve noticed a change by now.

At least World of Warcraft’s been going well. I’ve managed to get Brannigan up to level 30 but, even though my brother’s got his internets running again, he can’t join in the fun ’cause Blizzard’s decided to suspend new characters on many servers, including Tichondrius. Well, poop.

Jesus Christ now I’m dissatisfied by the fact that this whole post has been nothing but me whining and bitching about how shitty my life is! Well, my good friend Carl has a good philosophy for times like this:

“I’ve got a roof over my head, a car in my driveway, a steady job, a significant other and food in my fridge. Shit’s allright.”

Too bad I can’t think like that every second of the day. But I’m working on it.

Jan 21 2006

World of Warcraft

So I figured I oughta mention who I’m playing and where.

My main used to be on Lothar, a lvl46 NE Shadow Priest named Liang. However, I’ve moved to another server, it looks like.

Now I’m playing on Tichondrious with most of my rl friends from New Orleans. I’m playing a Dwarf Paladin named Brannigan and I’m leaving out his level here ’cause I’m powering him up around two a day.

I’ve also got a low-level Orc Hunter named Emok on Mal’Ganis and a lvl31 Human Pally on Stormreaver named Morilyon or something. I don’t see much of them anymore.

Feel free to mention who you are if you’re on any of these servers.