This is the worst part of the day.

Mornings suck for me because my medication’s never quite working straight so I’m never in a good mood. Additionally, my parents are leaving Atlanta today to move back to New Orleans so that’s got me down. Also I have to work a nine-hour shift at work today and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but shopping’s up a bit this time of the year.

Speaking of work, a word on dat xboss three-siddy:

I’m willing to stand at attention on the phone and answer it every sixty seconds just so I can tell half the American population that we’re sold out of them and that they’re never going to get one at our location until 2008. That’s cool and I dig shit like that I guess. The problem I have with the 360 is two-fold:

For one, even if you can get a 360 you’ll probably get the “Core” system that nobody wants, and then you’ll have to find a hard drive accessory which is even rarer than the system is, and costs $100.00. And all I’m saying is $100.00 for a 20gb HD is highway robbery. And then you run the rather probable chance of getting a system that doesn’t even fucking work.

Secondly, man, I swear to God all the hype for this system makes me want to freak out and buy one, even though there’s not a single game or feature available for it that appeals to me until possibly as late as March of next year.

So all in all I’m rather irritated at Microsoft. Those bastards have managed to create a product that I want, despite it having absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever.

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