You got dat xboss three siddy?

Hot or Not?


Why? Here’s why.

See, now that’s next-gen. Us PC Gamers are quite used to new, spectacular graphics every year or so. We’re used to seeing a monumental jump in graphics and sound technology every five years. We’re also used to dishing out over $900.00 for that kind of technology but that’s not the point here.

The point is, after a while, you can only put so many vertex-shaded per-pixel bump-mapped anti-aliased dongles on a game engine to impress people. After a while we’re going to need a real change in the gaming paradigm to call it “next generation.” And that’s what Nintendo’s giving us.

And hey, you know what else? I feel the same way about the Playstation 3. That’s right I said it and I’m proud. I don’t care what kind of alien technology you’ve harnessed to make the damned pseudo-organic architecture of the mainframe doohicky. All I wanna know is, how new is it? Better graphics? Big whoop. Better sound? Snore. Motherfucking motion-sensing wireless controller? WIN.

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